NEW: Learning the Multiplication Tables autonomously, easily and with a lot of fun

From learning expert Jan Kuonen

  • Innovative technology for children used by the world champions of memory.
  • Memorize the multiplication table, through mental visualization using amusing video animations.
  • Easy, autonomous, fast and effective learning of the whole multiplication table.

The effective multiplication tables trainer

Memorizing multiplication tables causes frustration and anger for many children, parents and even teachers. This website is for all those who want to find an effective answer to this difficulty!

Einmaleins Trainer Videos
  • For the children, 1×1 Guru is fun, they learn with entertainment. The learning process lets the frustration go away, learning is faster and the child has one sense of achievement after another.
  • Each story has an amusing and strange plot that your child will always remember.
  • The stories feature animal characters and objects, each representing a single number.
  • On a visual level, the animations go straight to the memory. On an auditory level, the child hears sounds and noises.
  • For each video, the story is also written in text form.
  • A short quiz on each multiplication and a prompt to trace or color the story solidifies the memory.
Auf innovative Art das kleine Einmaleins lernen

How does 1x1 Guru work?

1. Video Animations

Each story has an amusing and strange plot that your child will always remember. There are 28 videos in total (from 3x3 to 9x9), so your child will learn the entire multiplication table, as they will learn 3x4, for example, and thus know 4x3. We leave out the 1s and 2s series for simplicity. The child watches a video animation of a multiplication.

2. Text Descriptions

The child reads the short text to the story or listens to it.

3. Quizzes

The child tests his knowledge and checks if he has remembered the story correctly.

4. Draw or color the scene

Finally, the child is asked to draw the scene of the particular story or color the coloring pictures.

5. Bonus materials

With the access you get the workbook and the coloring book for free. With these materials your child can further consolidate the multiplications.

What customers say:

"We tested it and the characters are easy to remember...the short stories make it very easy to remember the series...Thanks!"

Julia Metzler

"After only one week, my child knows the whole multiplication tables. It's really amazing. My son has a lot of fun watching the videos and memorizes the stories, just like he does with cartoons".

Anna S.

"We've been using this for a few days now. At first I was really skeptical, couldn't imagine it-but it actually works! The tasks stick in my mind as stories and suddenly my daughter remembers the tasks with the results-and has fun doing it too! I can only recommend it!!!!"

Annika Fröhlich

"My daughter has learned your videos super fast. I can't believe how easy it is to make her feel good, to teach the multiplication tables easily, but most importantly to build her confidence so she feels less "different". A great new hope for me and my daughter. Thank you! ".

Sandra Koller

"We've had it for a week and what can I say it works. We are thrilled with it. My daughter is having fun with it. She can't explain it to me but she says she just knows now. We're going to keep at it."

Petra Schinschke

"We are excited about the program"

Sonja B.

Get instant access for launching price

This offer has just been launched and you can now benefit from the introductory price of only 37 USD (The price will soon rise to 47 USD). You get access to the stories, quizzes, the 28 video animations, coloring pages, a big poster and the ebook. The access for private customers (parents) is without time limit.

School institutions must purchase a school license or a class license to obtain the rights to copy individual pages and distribute them to students within the school. Likewise, the school (or teacher) may show the video animations in the classes. (The license can be found in the ordering process).

For both (private user or school) there is a possibility to request printed workbooks and or the video animations on DVD after ordering.

$47.00 $37.00

A one-off payment for lifelong access!

60 days 100% money back guarantee

You get a 100% money-back guarantee, which I commit to and which is controlled by the payment provider Digistore24. If you don't like the 1x1 Guru package, or your child doesn't learn the multiplication tables effectively and with fun, then you can simply claim your money back.

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